The Benefits of Using a Gambling Portal

VBookmakersThere are hundreds if not thousands of bookmakers and casinos that have online betting and gambling facilities. This creates a problem for the person who is interested in having an online flutter; how do you choose which site to use?

Luckily there are gambling portals, such as bookmakers, which make it easier to weigh up the pros and cons of the different online betting sites by providing detailed reviews of their facilities. The portal at also has handy guides to the various types of bets and games that are available online, so helping the user to enjoy a better gambling experience.

The guides include a horse racing betting guide, a poker school and a description of the games that can be played at online casinos. For anyone who is new to betting these guides is an excellent introduction to the world of betting. They explain the types of bets that are on offer and there are useful tips and strategies for playing the most popular casino table games such as roulette and blackjack.

Online poker has become very popular over the past few years and some of the major tournament games are now televised. The main type of poker played online is Texas Hold’em, a game that is not too difficult to play and is easily accessible to the beginning poker player. has a section of their website devoted to the game and beginners can take advantage of the Poker School to learn the rudiments of Texas Hold’em and some other poker games.

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There is a bewildering choice of bookmakers’ websites and online casinos. An excellent way to compare the leading sites is to read the reviews section at this guide which discusses the pros and cons of using most of the major gambling sites. As well as the traditional bookmaker type of websites, there are detailed reviews of casinos and their associated poker rooms.

Because of the huge number of gambling sites on the Internet, the competition for business among them is fierce. This is good news for the gambler as it has lead to the development of cash bonuses and other types of incentives as the gambling sites vie with each other to attract new customers and to keep existing customers.

In their reviews of gambling websites, 1001bookmakers provides information on the latest promotional offers and bonuses being offered by the site. This is very useful for the punter as the offers change frequently and having the details all in one place for easy access can save a lot of time.

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So, in an Internet which is cluttered up with gambling websites, a gambling portal website like that at this website can save the online gambler a lot of time. Instead of having to visit several bookmaker sites or casino sites, he or she can make comparisons by reading the reviews of the leading sites and judge which is offering the most attractive bonuses. Not only that, but there is an enormous amount of help in the form of tips and explanations as to how to use the gambling sites and so get the most from the online gambling experience.

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